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Micro Crystal Whitening Double Purpose Powder Cake Yafu



  • YAFU®
  • Powder
  • 30 gram
  • 100 gram
  • Korea

Use sponge to tkae a proper amount of two-way cake powder and apply it evenly on your face. When applying with sponge, it can produce the perfect effect of tenderness and crystal, when applying with slightly bedewed sponge, it can create nice concealing effect for skin with the feeling of velour.

Contain natural pearl beautifying factors to keep the skin tender, white and shinny

Being applicable to any skin, the powder cake possesses beautiful colour without lead, possessing perfect flaw-covering effects. can be well expanded, endowing the face with comfortable, smooth, refreshing and delicate feel.

Be highly sensitive to light, displaying the skin extraordinarily bright, soft and graceful under any case, creating much more nautral cosmetics, plus showing vigour to the most.

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