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Online store buys cosmetics from Thailand in bulk only from trusted, reliable suppliers. Carefully monitored quality and shelf life of products sold, regularly updated range. This allows you to keep competitive prices and to ensure the high quality of the presented cosmetics online store.

On the store's website you can buy only original, natural products, which include the most valuable natural ingredients: coconut, mangosteen, mango, noni, papaya, tamarind, turmeric, black sesame, clitoria ternatea, deep-water algae, and much more.

Sabay translated from Thai - this is comfort for the body, physical pleasure. The main purpose of using cosmetics is a combination of physical and mental comfort. Get Thai cosmetics in our online store, use it and achieve "sabai". For those around you, you will be “suai” (which means “visual pleasure” for Thais).

Buy Thai cosmetics online store

The online store offers beauty products on one site within a single catalog. Traveling through the sections of the site, you will find what you need and you can order online 24 hours a day.

Our store guarantees prompt acceptance of the order and fast delivery, as well as high quality and originality of the goods. Hurry to take advantage of the opportunities that our site has, because we occasionally receive rare and legendary cosmetic products from Thailand - you will not find such offers anywhere else!

A wide range from coconut oil to Thai balms.

A real find for beauties. The content in coconut oil of a large amount of fatty acids, vitamins A, E, K, C, group B; minerals Fe and Ca, make it useful for the body and indispensable on your shelf. Refined coconut oil from Thailand can be used in the composition of masks for the skin of the face, unrefined - masks for hair. In its pure form will be useful for eating. The most famous brands are: Tropicana, ThaiPure, Banna, Kokliang.

  • Thai creams, face and body serums are made in accordance with European and American quality standards and certification, using the secret formulas of Thai exotic fruits, tropical herbs, filtrate of snail mucus, collagen, hyaluronic acid, bee venom, caviar. Prevent premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Nourish the skin, making it supple, soft, velvety. In our store you will find the following manufacturers: Mistine, Banna, Bm.B, Ustar.
  • Shampoos and hair masks - according to the results of tests of the Thai Hair Institute and the problems of baldness, some shampoos 90% prevent hair loss and accelerate growth. Most Thai shampoos and masks contain clitoria tritate extract (blue tea). The maximum effect is achieved through regular use in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers. In the store you can buy masks and shampoos from Jinda, Genive, Catherine, Tropicana.
  • Thai toothpastes are very popular in Thailand and can be bought at any chain store (Tesco-Lotus, 7-eleven, Big-C). Available in various types: the usual tubes, solid round toothpastes, tooth powders. Most round toothpastes have a whitening effect. All pastes contain natural herbal ingredients. The most famous brands: Isme, Prim Perfect, Supaporn, Twin Lotus.
  • Balsams and ointments from the Kingdom of Thailand - as a rule, are available in glass jars of various sizes. Differ in their action in accordance with the color: white, yellow, red, green, blue, black. Each balm in its composition includes more than one hundred herbs. Have a wide range of applications. The best manufacturers of balms are considered to be Wangphrom, Kongka.

Our partners: large proven Thai firms!

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You need to be careful when purchasing it in various online stores. Even in Thailand there are fakes under well-known brands, the packaging of which has an external similarity, but upon detailed examination it turns out to be not an original copy of a dubious origin. Shop Ananas Market buys cosmetics only trusted suppliers directly in Thailand, so you can be sure of 100% natural and quality of the purchased products.


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