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Antibacterial Toothbrush Bamboo and Coal



  • 20 gram
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  • Thailand

The combination of modern technologies and natural bamboo charcoal used in traditional medicine provides antibacterial bristle coating and triple protection of teeth and gums: the upper, thinner rounded bristles easily clean the interdental space and remove plaque, smaller in height and thicker bristles clean the surface of the teeth, including At the level of the gums, a rubber soft surface on the back of the bristles cleans the surface of the tongue and the oral cavity. The color rubber ergonomic handle is comfortable in the hand and does not slip when used. Bristle stiffness is soft.

The main advantages of the Twin Lotus Toothbrush Bamboo and Charcoal:

  • it has a comfortable handle and practical design;
  • offers triple protection for both teeth and gums;
  • gently cleans and bleaches enamel;
  • promotes fresh breath;
  • has black carbon bristles of different lengths, effectively cleansing the teeth and gaps between the teeth;
  • does not absorb moisture, does not accumulate dangerous bacteria;
  • miraculously removes plaque due to thick inner and ultrathin outer setae;
  • has deodorizing capabilities, as bamboo charcoal absorbs odors;
  • the reverse side of the brush allows you to clean the tongue from plaque due to a special soft rubber surface;
  • Good for coffee lovers and smokers.

What makes a bamboo toothbrush so unique?

Molecules of bamboo charcoal - an environmentally friendly and very useful for the health of the oral cavity component is a wonderful adsorbent, promotes fast teeth whitening, has high activity and cleans the gums from harmful bacteria. Makes the surface of the teeth smoother and more beautiful, it does not damage the enamel, the black color in no way makes the teeth darker, on the contrary, thanks to the coal, the food nanoparticles dissolve better, and the unpleasant smell from the mouth is also eliminated.

Soft toothbrush Bamboo and Coal Twin Lotus with special fine tips and deodorizing black bristles has the most convenient form and is suitable even for sensitive teeth, it perfectly helps to refresh the oral cavity and maintain its hygiene in order. Does not contain hazardous components and has no side effects. It is best to use a brush in combination with natural Thai toothpastes.

Mode of application:

Rinse in warm running water. Store upright with the working part up! Shelf life is not limited when stored in an unopened package.

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