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Toothpaste Supaporn 25 gr.



  • Toothpaste
  • 25 gram
  • 45 gram
  • Thailand

Supaporn whitening herbal toothpaste from Thailand with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, well refreshing breath and removes plaque. The whitening paste has a specific herbal aroma and therefore it will refresh your breath for a long time. There are no artificial colors in the paste.

Ingredients: camphor, borneol, soda, calcium carbonate, sorbitol, salt, menthol, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, propylene glycol.

  • Camphor has antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Borneol has antibacterial and disinfecting properties that positively affect the condition of the teeth, as they destroy pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. At the same time, the mucous membrane is healed and there is a decrease in bleeding of the gums.
  • Due to its well-known antibacterial properties, baking soda effectively fights odors and inflammatory diseases.
  • Sorbitol helps prevent the paste from drying out quickly, making its structure more oily. Allows the use of active ingredients such as essential oils.
  • Menthol refreshes and disinfects the oral cavity.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is a mild derivative of palm and coconut oils, a harmless substitute for surfactants.

Mode of application:

This product can be used daily, twice a day. The pasta has a pleasant smell of freshness, which persists for a long time. After using toothpaste, close the jar.

The product is very economical and quickly foams, so a minimum amount of paste will be enough to get a plentiful foam.

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