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Soap for face and body with Pueraria extract 100 gr.



  • Soap
  • 100 gram
  • 115 gram
  • Thailand

Soap for the face and body SPA series with Pueraria extract and rice germ oil.

The rejuvenating spa soap “Pueraria Mirifica” in the Supaporn loofah pouch moisturizes and nourishes the skin, strengthens and tightens it. In a natural bag of loofah, which forms a thick, elastic foam and has an additional effect on the skin, gently scrubbing and cleansing it contains small bars of fragrant soap.

The soap is created on the basis of the extract of the plant pueraria mirifika, which is called the rejuvenating apple. This root vegetable contains unique vitamins and trace elements that help strengthen the skin and active production of collagen. Also included in the soap are coconut and palm oil, tamarind and turmeric powders, rice bran oil.

One of the properties of soap is strong foaming. Do not rush to wash off the foam, gently massage the skin for a few minutes, you can use a special massager. Soap perfectly prepares the skin for the application of anti-cellulite cream or oil, several times enhances their effect.

Soap can be used by owners of different skin types, it is suitable for both women and men. Suitable for regular use.

How to use: Moisten and foam the soap, cleansing the skin with soft circular motions. After use, keep the soap open.

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