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Soap for face and body with tamarind extract 100 gr.



  • Soap
  • 100 gram
  • 115 gram
  • Thailand

Tamarind soap is suitable for face and body, has no restrictions on age and sex, gives a feeling of comfort without dryness of the skin, smoothness, freshness, helps to deep clean the skin, ridding it of dead cells, sweat, dirt, harmful bacteria.

Tamarind, which is a part of the product, is used in Thailand in various areas: sweet candies are made from it, sauces for main dishes, and it is on its basis that the best national cosmetics are made. Their action is also varied: from acne and oily shine, irritation, peeling, fighting signs of aging and pigmentation, cellulite, loss of elasticity. Tamarind has a lot of nutrients in its composition, one of them - xyloglucan - is unique at all: it surpasses hyaluronic acid in moisturizing qualities.

How to use: Use as usual soap. Not recommended for dry and hypersensitive skin.

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