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GAEA Miracle Cream Siam Snake Farm 50 gr.



  • Siam Snake Farm™
  • Cream
  • 50 gram
  • 150 gram
  • Thailand

Anti-aging cream with snake venom and Botox effect.

The cream is produced at the famous snake farm SIAM SNAKE INTERNATIONAL.

The cream contains only natural ingredients - Snake venom, Snake oil, Snake Micro Collagen, vitamins A, B 3, C and E, Licorice extract, SPF 15 sun protection factor, water, Japanese white tea extract, Allantoin, Mulberry extract. 

  • With the help of snake venom, facial muscles are reduced, wrinkles are reduced and new wrinkles are prevented. 
  • The effect is similar to that of Botox, only it does not require injections and is absolutely safe.
  • And with the help of snake Collagen and Oil, which are obtained from pythons, sagging of the skin is prevented, the elasticity and tone of the skin is increased, irregularities are smoothed and the appearance of age spots is reduced.
  • Natural plant extracts and vitamins included in the cream moisturize, nourish and tone the skin well.
  • And with the help of a sun protection factor, the appearance of new spots and freckles on the skin is prevented.

How to use: Apply the cream with gentle massaging movements, avoiding the area around the eyes. Can be used 2 times a day.

The cream is suitable for all skin types.

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