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Herbal Tooth Powder 25 gr.



  • Toothpaste
  • 25 gram
  • 55 gram
  • Thailand

Reduces bad breath, saliva, plaque and stone, stains from tea, coffee and cigarettes, hyper-sensitive teeth, gingivitis, gingival bleeding and scurvy. Use daily in the morning and evening.

Mode of application:

Enough to hold a toothbrush on the surface of the toothpaste. This minimum amount is sufficient to obtain abundant foam. Brush as usual. After use, be sure to close the jar. Do not allow water to enter the jar with the paste.
To combat oral diseases - stomatitis and paradontosis - take a grain of toothpaste the size of a buckwheat grain, dissolve in 100 ml and rinse the mouth.
One jar of toothpaste lasts for several months with sole use. Can be used every day.

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