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Phutawan Argan Oil 100%



  • Oil
  • 5 / 30 ml
  • 90 / 130 gram
  • Thailand

Phutawan Argan Oil Cold Pressed Argan Oil 100%

Argan oil is one of the most precious and effective moisturizing oils, whose production is strictly regulated: after all, a tree on which valuable argan fruits grow is found in only a few regions of the planet - hot and arid.
Argan oil has unique moisturizing properties, is a natural SPF, which makes it the best remedy for the scorching sun, as well as other heat radiation. Argan oil is widely used in the care of dry, dehydrated and aging skin, indispensable for moisturizing and giving a healthy glow to the hair.
Pure unrefined Phutawan Argan Oil is cold pressed and is 100% natural, undiluted. Ecocert Certificate.

Argan oil contains a truly unique set of unsaturated fatty acids that perfectly affect biological and metabolic processes, a huge number of ultra-useful phytosterols, proteins, fungicides, as well as a luxurious vitamin composition ideal for enriching cosmetic procedures.
Argan oil deeply moisturizes, regenerates, heals and improves the quality of the skin, perfectly affects aging, aging, overdried skin. Also suitable for the early prevention of cellulite. Caring for nails and cuticles.
The desert origin of the oil also affects its cosmetic properties: it contributes to the long-term retention of moisture in the cellular structure, perfectly helps the skin and hair to remain healthy in the scorching sun.
Argan oil is very widely used for hair care, especially severely damaged, split ends and dehydrated. Argan oil amazingly moisturizes, increases the elasticity and wear resistance of hair by more than 70%. The aroma of cosmetic argan oil is neutral, with barely pronounced nutty notes.

Application Options:

  • from wrinkles;
  • from dryness, allergies, irritations, peeling;
  • against acne, burns, wounds, rashes;
  • for lips and skin around the eyes;
  • for eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • for hair, in particular - dry ends (can be applied “drip”, can be diluted with other fatty oil, the concentration of argan oil in the mixture is 5-10%);
  • for the body as a remedy for stretch marks and cellulite;
  • to increase skin elasticity;
  • from scars and acne;
  • as a prevention of stretch marks;
  • as an antioxidant.

Method of application: Use as an independent cosmetic product for skin and hair, as well as a transport (base) oil for the manufacture of massage and cosmetic mixtures (with the addition of essential oils and other active components).
It is also recommended to add to the finished skin care products, dry masks, creams, lotions.

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