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Mistine Caviar Extreme Concentrate Serum 23 ml.



  • Serum
  • 23 ml
  • 230 gram
  • Korea

Anti-Aging Facial Serum Lifting Serum is a biologically active cosmetic product enriched with black sturgeon proteins, peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins. It has a pronounced regenerative effect, restores the structure of the skin, slows down the aging process and withering of the skin. She is able in a short time to cope with facial and age wrinkles and provide proper care for age-related skin of the face and neck, significantly improving its condition. Serum with caviar proteins has excellent anti-aging properties, significantly reduces the depth of age and expression wrinkles, filling in voids and fractures of the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, has a good lifting effect, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, increases the firmness and elasticity of tissues, models the oval of the face, and tightens the contour. It effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, helps maintain water balance, and retains moisture in the skin for 24 hours. Oan also has a powerful healing effect, effectively eliminates skin irritation, dryness and peeling, soothes tired skin, eliminates traces of fatigue, neutralizes the effects of daytime stress, evens out skin tone, and gives a healthy glow. Suitable for any skin type.

Active components:

  • Black caviar extract consists of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Such nutrients act intensively on the skin, preventing the aging process, restore the affected skin, working at the level of the layers where cell division occurs, have a strong vasoconstrictor effect. Proteins contained in caviar have a powerful strengthening effect, nourish, soften and stimulate skin regeneration, amino acids moisturize and activate skin metabolism, minerals saturate the skin with mineral salts, vitamins A and D protect the skin from stress, UV rays, radiation, sharp climate, bind free radicals, normalize metabolic processes in the skin.
  • Marine collagen is a low molecular weight type I collagen peptides. It is marine because it is produced from the skin of marine fish, using enzymatic hydrolysis and further purification. This type of collagen contains more than 16% of essential amino acids (9 out of 10), and about 50% of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These are the key amino acids that make up collagen, plus arginine and glutamic acid. Due to its low molecular weight, marine collagen peptides are highly penetrating. Marine collagen is an activator of all biological and chemical processes at the cellular level. It restores damaged skin cells "from the inside", contributes not only to filling wrinkles, but also to activating the body's own production of collagen, which significantly accelerates the lifting process. It increases the rate of metabolic processes in cells, helps to saturate cells with oxygen, and generates energy in cells. It has excellent anti-aging properties, slows down the aging process of the skin, smoothes wrinkles. Provides skin youth, elasticity and beauty.
  • The SYN-COLL peptide complex is a bioactive, deeply penetrating skin tripeptide that activates tissue growth factor, which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, thereby improving the structure of the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. SYN-COLL is an innovative approach that combines both stimulation of collagen production and protection of collagen from destructive enzymes. Both properties are enhanced, which provides maximum results for smoothing wrinkles and protecting the skin from aging. This peptide complex has a powerful anti-aging effect, actively smoothes all types of wrinkles of any age (also under the eyes), improves the skin structure, makes it more elastic and elastic. Effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Clinically proven its effectiveness and safety! This is the best alternative to collagen injections!
  • Hyaluronic acid is responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin and has the unique ability to bind 10,000 times the volume of water! In the body, hyaluronic acid performs a variety of functions, one of which is maintaining the normal moisture of the epidermis and deep layers of the skin. It improves tissue regeneration and remarkably moisturizes the skin, forming a special protective film on its surface that holds moisture deep in the cells.
  • Safflower oil intensely softens and nourishes the skin, strengthens the lipid layer of the skin, penetrating very deep into the skin, and prevents the loss of moisture. It restores cell membranes, smoothes small crow's feet and inhibits the deepening of large wrinkles, tones the skin and improves its elasticity. Due to the high content of vitamin E, it has strong antioxidant properties and protects the skin from damage by UV rays and other harmful environmental factors.
  • Beta-glucan - strengthens the natural protective functions of the skin, aimed at protecting against infections, toxins and exposure to sunlight. Moisturizes the skin, holding a large volume of water, activates collagen synthesis and helps smooth wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E - is considered the main antioxidant nutrient and is widely known in medicine and cosmetology as a vitamin of youth. Prevents dry skin, activates blood circulation and improves blood circulation, stimulates tissue regeneration, reduces fragility of blood vessels and strengthens capillary walls, activates tissue respiration, is directly involved in the formation of elastin and collagen fibers of the intercellular substance, prevents the appearance of senile pigmentation, plays one of the main roles in protein synthesis, contributes to the rapid absorption of vitamin A and reliably protects it and other fat-soluble vitamins from destruction Yelnia action of oxygen slows down the formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation.
  • Vitamin A is the main natural protector against photoaging. It has excellent antioxidant properties, successfully fights against free radicals. Restores the protective functions of the skin, activates the regeneration processes - the skin breathes and moisturizes better, nutrients penetrate into it easier; stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens capillaries, improves blood circulation to the skin.
  • Vitamin B6 has nourishing, moisturizing, powerful protective and regenerative properties, allows the skin to actively resist the aggressive external environment: wind, solar ultraviolet, cold.

Mode of application:
Apply 2 - 3 drops of serum to the cleansed face and neck, with patting movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

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