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F.G.L. Lotion 130 ml.



  • J-FORTH™
  • Lotions
  • 130 ml
  • 180 gram
  • Thailand

F.G.L. Lotion is a pedicure cleansing kit consisting of a treatment lotion and salt soap, specially designed to soften and cleanse rough, cracked feet and heels. Salon level foot care.

It has an antibacterial effect and antifungal properties, it perfectly helps soften rough skin, corns, cracks and corns and is an effective tool used before peeling of the skin of the legs. Effectively prevents the appearance of unpleasant foot odor, makes the skin of the legs unusually smooth and soft.

In a set for a pedicure 2 means:

F.G.L. Lotion - Lotion for softening rough, horny skin - 130 ml plastic bottle.
F.G.L. Liquid Soap - Liquid salt soap - a plastic bag of 30 ml.

Registration number: 10-1-6100033451.

Mode of application:

add 1 cap of lotion to the basin of water (you need a little water to cover only the lower part of the foot). Hold the legs (cracked heels, as well as corns, corns) in the solution for 10-15 minutes, then clean the softened skin with a pumice stone or carefully cut. You can apply the lotion with applications locally on the areas of the feet that require it.
After the procedure, dilute the salt liquid soap in hot water, lower your feet into it for 5 minutes, then wipe your feet with a towel and apply foot cream.
After using this kit, keratinized skin is very easy to clean from the heels, and your legs will remain soft and smooth for a long time.

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