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Herbal Pouch Massage, Herbal Compress Body and Face



  • For massage
  • 60 / 200 gram
  • 120 / 250 gram
  • Thailand

Herbal Thai massage bag contains a unique collection of medicinal plants. It is used for hot body and face massage. The procedure relaxes and speeds up metabolic processes. Before carrying out the procedure, the bags must be warmed up and steamed so that the herbal collection begins to give off its beneficial properties.

Herbal compresses:

For procedures with herbal preparations, the following options are provided:

  • Small bags - used for facial massage, the purpose of which is to relieve swelling and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Large bags - used for body massage.

The effect of the hot massage on the bioactive zones plus the herbal components of the collection increase the effectiveness of the action. As a result, the tone and elasticity of the skin increases, the activity of metabolic processes in the cells increases.

To achieve a good result from the compression effect, the herbal bags must be warmed up. The most convenient massage format is the simultaneous use of two bags at once. Do compression with one bag, keep the second steam at this time. As the bags cool, change them.

Mode of application:

  • Heat the bags for 15 minutes in a steam bath or in a double boiler.
  • When they get hot, but not scalding, you can start the procedure. To obtain the desired effect, the bags are tightly pressed to the body for a few seconds, performing massage movements.
  • After the herbal mixture has cooled, one bag is replaced with another.
  • The impact is carried out within half an hour.

After the massage, you can dry the herbal mixture to apply it again.

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