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Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion 120 ml.



  • Lotions
  • 120 ml
  • 170 gram
  • Thailand

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Neo Hair Lotion spray lotion hair transplant and hair roots. Prevent hair loss thinning or baldness. Reducing the dandruff , natural herbal extract 100% actual hair transplant results 100 %. Hair loss thinning hair, baldness and genetically different from the effective - reduce hair loss from various situations effectively - accelerate stimulating new hair growth, long and bushy black - maintenance repairs the hair root and hair, strong hair serum - herbal extract is beneficial to hair and scalp - no chemicals that poison the body.

Natural herbal extract 4 type:

1. Extract from Cantaloupe nourishes the revival accelerate new hair growth , have a long bushy black and strength from the roots to the ends of the hair loss inhibition allows the soft and shine.

2. Extract from White Ginseng stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp cells to keep awake the root get enough nutrients result in hair follicles are stimulated , thrive, with nourishing the hair roots, strength, durability and reduce hair loss.

3. Palm seeds (saw blades type) in Europe helped reduce the work of the hormone testosterone that causes hair fall in men's scalp cells help reduce and inhibit hair loss genetic causes as well.

4. Coconut extract hair treatment wax and wild honey help repair worn parts together with hair protection from sunlight, pollution and chemicals from the outside , eliminate dandruff , help maintain the hair.

Method of application: Steps to use the Neo hair lotion

  • Make a hair comb, or massage the scalp before and after using approximately 6 - 7 times to stimulate the scalp to awake .
  • Use Neo Hair Lotion spray around. After the bath morning, evening, and bedtime Use your hands to massage the scalp a little 2 - 3 min. Let the lotion dry and do not rinse.
  • It should be applied consistently and continuously to the discipline, the result was clear, and very fast.
  • While using Neo Hair Lotion should use a gentle shampoo the scalp and hair roots only.
  • It should not color or dye hair during use of Neo hair lotion because chemicals from pharmaceutical dyeing, remember that making Neo hair lotion active ingredients more difficult.
  • In order to see changes clearly. Instructions used daily, and since 2 - 3 bottles it will be nice and fresh.

The outcome depends on the difference of each person including the discipline to use it should be used consistently and correctly.

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