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Grace Deodorant Crystal Mangosteen Extract



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  • 40 / 70 / 120 gram
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  • Thailand

Already familiar long-acting crystalline antiperspirant with a light, almost invisible aroma of mangosteen. Natural antibacterial deodorant, does not contain chemical additives, aluminum, oil products and other harmful substances. Mineral deodorant is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials: natural mountain mineral - ammonium alum Ammonium Alum.

This is a natural sweat remedy that effectively eliminates odor, destroying bacteria on the surface of the skin, without interfering with the normal operation of the sweat glands. Provides reliable protection up to 48 hours. It is irreplaceable for people leading active lifestyles, teenagers, people with increased perspiration and anyone who does not want to think about the smell of sweat.


Natural alum salts make up 99.8% of the product and are an incredibly practical and absolutely safe for health substance of natural origin to effectively combat the unpleasant odor. Have a pronounced antibacterial effect, obtained naturally by volcanic activity, environmental friendliness and benefits of alum for humans have been proven by numerous studies.

Prepared purified water is necessary for the activation of the beneficial properties of alumina-potassium alum, helps to create a breathable film on the skin that kills bacteria and viruses, and prevents them from multiplying. Thus, the appearance of undesirable aromas is prevented, as well as the rapid healing of the skin in the places of cuts or abrasions.

Natural deodorant crystal odorless Grace not only protects quality in any conditions, but also does not interrupt the fragrance of perfume and does not mix with it, which is a really important plus. Also known as “crystal freshness”, this luxurious deodorant is a powerful antiseptic, it can be used for dermatitis and external inflammation, as it does not violate the lipid balance of the epidermis, but rather activates skin regeneration processes.

The main properties of deodorant:

  • heals small scratches;
  • prevents the development of bacteria, kills them;
  • is a product approved by cosmetologists and doctors;
  • removes small swelling and fights diaper rash;
  • helps against age spots;
  • does not leave stains on the clothes and other traces;
  • eliminates itching, redness on the skin;
  • no odor;
  • has an antioxidant effect;
  • does not contain alcohol, dyes, chemical additives and preservatives;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Mode of application:

Crystal should be wetted before use. Apply to the skin of the armpits or on the feet.


Blot the deodorant with a towel or napkin after use so that it does not melt too quickly.

When falling on a tiled floor the crystal breaks.

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