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Wonder fruit Banana milk Moisturizing Face & Hand Cream Moods



  • BELOV™
  • Cream
  • 45 ml
  • 100 gram
  • Korea

A large amount of provitamins A and E, fruit acids, antioxidants, potassium and many other biologically active components are ideal for creating effective cosmetic preparations.

The nourishing cream with a light texture is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy or sticky marks and has a cumulative effect, impresses with excellent results:

  • fills every cell of the epidermis with bioactive substances, instantly softens, moisturizes and soothes the dermis;
  • reliably protects the skin from unfavorable bacteria, unfavorable ecology;
  • brightens age spots, including age spots;
  • provides ultra-fast healing of pustular inflammation, thermal, chemical and mechanical damage;
  • exfoliates dead cells, epithelium and renews it, eliminates flabbiness and hypersensitivity;
  • smoothes wrinkles, evens out skin relief and tone.

Banana extract - a tasty and healthy tropical fruit is distinguished by a high content of calcium, phytosterols and vitamins C, B and E, it perfectly smoothes the unevenness of the skin relief, saturates cells with valuable microelements and improves the internal structure of the skin.

Milk proteins - activate collagen synthesis, eliminate wrinkles, pimples and skin rashes, remove itching, remarkably retain water and prevent the skin from drying out under the influence of sunlight.

Macadamia, coconut and shea oils - provide amazing velvety skin, enhance the protective functions of the epidermis and envelop the skin with a thin breathable film, so that excess moisture does not erode from the cells.

Mode of application:

Milk cream can be applied daily, massaging it onto clean, dry skin of the hands.

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