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Moods Black Pearl Starry Multipurpose Jelly Mask 60 pcs.



  • BELOV™
  • Patches
  • 60 pieces / 30 pairs
  • 90 gram
  • 180 gram
  • Korea

Hydrogel patches are masks in the form of slices with therapeutic impregnation for the skin under the eyes with quick and cumulative effects against wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes from the Thai manufacturer of the brand Moods.

Hydrogel patches for the skin under the eyes are almost loaded with a cocktail of active ingredients to instantly eliminate skin imperfections and to visibly improve the condition of the lower eyelid and the area of the corners of the eyes - these hydrogel patches contain black deep-sea pearls as a powerful anti-aging component.

Hydrogel patches under the eyes have a jelly-like water-gel base (not tissue), which in itself moisturizes and refreshes the skin very well, and also ensures maximum adherence of the mask to the skin of the lower eyelid, capturing the entire problem area in the corners of the eyes and lower eyelid.


  • instant smoothing wrinkle effect, the skin becomes noticeably younger, brighter, even after a sleepless night, traces of fatigue are removed;
  • elimination of puffiness, swelling and dark circles under the eyes;
  • high-quality effective composition of active components;
  • cumulative effect - since there are 60 slices in a set, that is a great opportunity to treat yourself with a whole course of one month of wonderful procedure for rejuvenating the skin of the eyelids;
  • convenient to use, nice beautiful packaging, spoon for extracting slices for procedures.

How to use: Gently apply lobules to the lower eyelids on clean, dry skin. After 20 to 30 minutes, carefully remove. Each slice is intended for single use.

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