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Bayer Herbal Green Balm Zam-Buk



  • BAYER™
  • Balms
  • 8 / 18 gram
  • 25 / 45 gramm
  • Thailand

Bayer Zam-Buk

This herbal balm contains no animal oils or fat. It consists of Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor, Thyme Oil and Colophony. This powerful balm has been used for hundreds of years and hundreds more to come.

Balm from insect bites relieves itching and allergic manifestations. Very quickly relieves pain at the site of the bite. The sooner you apply it to the affected area, the less itching you will have. The ointment neutralizes the action of poison and bacteria, restores the skin.

Mode of application: in case of mosquito bites, it is enough to smear on the affected area once. When biting midges, ants, gadflies, anoint the bite 2 - 3 times.

Suitable for children and adults, including pregnant and lactating women.

Does not cause allergies.

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