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Coconut Oil Hair & Body Banna 120 ml.



  • BANNA™
  • Coconut Oil
  • 120 ml
  • 220 gram
  • Thailand

Coconut oil for dry skin and hair Banna Dry Hair & Skin Coconut Oil can moisturize dry skin and saturate brittle, dried curls with moisture.

Oil helps treat eczema:

  • A skin condition characterized by a scaly, itchy rash.
  • It will help to maintain moisture in the cells, create a barrier to protect against bacteria, promote healing of scars and maintain the overall integrity of the skin.
  • When using coconut oil on your skin, you can have a healing effect on acne and inflammation while keeping the dermis hydrated.

Hair can feel brittle in dry winter air. Coconut oil is the oil that hair can best absorb. Saturated fatty acids of coconut oil cover the hair shaft along the entire length, preserving the follicles and protecting against heat treatment. Thus, the hair remains dense, thick, not cut and not dry.

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