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Foot cream against cracks and corns 50 gr.



  • YOKO™
  • Cream
  • 50 gram
  • 80 gram
  • Thailand

The drug is designed to care for the skin of the feet, restore the hardened skin, eliminate corns and growths. The cream perfectly penetrates the deep layers of the skin, saturating them with moisture and accelerating the regeneration of dead cells. Possessing a bactericidal action, heals cracks that occur on the coarsened skin of the heels and feet, and also prevents the development of fungal diseases and relieves pain in the area of damaged skin.


The rich formula of cream with urea softens the horny skin layers, compensates for the lack of moisture in dry, rough skin.

  • Vitamin E and D - Panthenol promote intensive regeneration of skin cells, heal cracks and abrasions;
  • Salicylic acid removes inflammation, softens the horny skin layers;
  • Aloe vera relieves pain and fatigue.

Mode of application:

Apply the healing cream on clean and dry skin 2-3 times during the day and in the evening before bedtime.

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