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VOODOO Cleopatra Cooling herbal Soap 70 gr.



  • Soap
  • 70 gram
  • 85 gram
  • Thailand

Created according to an ancient recipe, this soap, which includes only natural ingredients, is considered to be the mysterious secret of Cleopatra.

The company Voodoo (Thailand) is not as large as the monsters of the cosmetic Thai industry, however, the highest quality of cosmetics and unique properties quickly led the company to popularity. Today, she seeks to combine advanced technologies and developments with the old formula of cosmetics from all over the world. The company applies only the best raw materials and respects the gifts of nature, therefore all its products are 100% responsive to the tasks set and do not leave anyone indifferent. The goal of the company is to provide beauty for any woman, which requires not only unique consumer properties of products, but also comfort from her use.

Any cosmetic product of the company is a true masterpiece and strictly corresponds to the corporate concept - from packaging to result, and it is hard to resist!

The manufacturer, not without pride, emphasizes that this white soap is really developed on the basis of the recipe of Cleopatra, which was restored after thousands of years. It is known that the great Egyptian queen adored taking care of herself, surrounded with expensive objects and furnishings: rested at night in a golden mask, ordered to pour only fresh milk into the bath, she loved to swim in the pool with rose petals. Touch the secret of Cleopatra, feel all the luxury of care that she felt - let the white soap gently care for your body and face.


Glycerin, allantoin, honey, vitamins of groups E, C, B, unabi, turmeric, salt from the Himalayas, collagen.

Traditional natural soap, which has the properties to reduce rashes, reduce allergies caused by cosmetics and its residues on the face, deeply cleanses the skin of the face, does not dry, and also provides moisture and skin softening with the help of many types of natural extracts. It helps to whiten the skin, relieve acne from it, eliminate all deep blockages, detoxify the skin of the face and add the necessary minerals to your skin. From now on, your skin will be clean and clear without acne and impurities.

Turmeric extract - promotes healing of wounds and reduces inflammation.

Pink Himalayan salt neutralizes toxins, adds natural minerals to the skin and reduces acne.

Zizyphus or Chinese date leaves smooth the skin.

Allantoin reduces allergy symptoms or prevents allergies.

And collagen, vitamin B3, vitamin C and E help to maintain skin elasticity, smoothness and evenness, reduce wrinkles and improve complexion.

Suitable for soft, dry and combination skin.

Mode of application:

Apply to wash your face every day.

Additional recommendations:

If the face has makeup, you must first remove it from the skin, and then use the cooling soap CLEOPATRA.

Attention! After use, the soap should be stored in a dry place and not in damp or wet places due to glycerin, which can absorb moisture from the air.

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