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Manjаkаni Vaginal Grass Balls



  • 7 gram
  • 10 gram / 100 gram
  • Thailand

Female Thai vaginal balls for narrowing the vagina Manjakani from natural ingredients on oak galls increase the elasticity of vaginal muscles, eliminate the appearance of fungi and bacteria, have a "narrow effect".

Properties of Manjakani beads:

  • tone the intimate muscles;
  • relieve inflammation, thrush and other diseases;
  • have a natural antibacterial effect;
  • narrow the walls of the vagina;
  • eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • heal wounds and scuffs;
  • stabilize the healthy microflora of the vagina;
  • remove unpleasant dryness of intimate places;
  • improve muscle elasticity;
  • promote active tissue regeneration;
  • relieve pain in the lower abdomen;
  • rejuvenate and restore the genitals.

The main medicinal components:

Oak galls (manjakani) - an extract from this tree, popularly known as magic fruits, has been a valuable remedy in Asia for centuries to enhance the pleasure of sexual intercourse for centuries. It contains many vitamins, proteins and tannins, has antimicrobial and astringent effect, eliminates fibroids, erosion and pathological discharge, tightens the vaginal walls, strengthening and revitalizing muscles.

Bamboo charcoal - has a valuable ability to absorb harmful substances, draws out diseases from the body, absorbs odors and moisturizes sensitive tissues, has a bactericidal effect and saturates the skin with useful elements, slows down the aging process, makes tissues silky and toned, and helps to increase the elasticity of intimate muscles.

Pueraria mirifica - this plant was very popular in the East 2 thousand years ago due to the content of phytoestrogens in its leaves, which act on the female body as hormones and significantly improve the health of the body. The plant extract is able to stabilize hormones, improve reproductive function, tighten the skin and make the tissues of the vagina incredibly elastic, velvety and strong.

Mode of application:

It is recommended to use vaginal balls 1 pc approximately once a week, the maximum effect is observed approximately 4 hours after use. They help restore firmness and health to the muscles in the vagina, which tend to weaken after childbirth or with age. The balls increase sensitivity and provide pleasure in intimate life.

One package contains 8-10 herbal narrowing vaginal tablets for women.

ATTENTION! Do not use for pregnant women and those planning a pregnancy!

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