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Super Grip Original Medicate Sticks Madura 37 gr



  • Younger Sister Super Grip
  • 37 gram
  • 70 gram
  • Thailand

Madura Super Grip original medicate sticks also have the following common names in Asia for their properties: "Super grip" or "Virginity effect", which has a shrinking and cleansing effect.

Natural, safe to use and effective intimate Thai stick-pencil for women "Younger Sister Super Grip" guarantees great sensations and long-lasting effect, the vagina becomes narrow, like a virgin.

Properties of the Madura stick:

  • tones and contracts intimate muscles;
  • restores love for sexual activity;
  • enhances the pleasant sensations of partners during intercourse;
  • heals infections and inflammations in the vagina;
  • eliminates unpleasant odor;
  • reduces bleeding time;
  • treats erosion of the cervix and thrush;
  • helps to get rid of unwanted discharge;
  • shrinks the uterus after menstruation or childbirth;
  • stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Composition of herbal Thai female stick:

The root of the herb of Mount Madula - has long been used as a remedy in Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia, stimulates cell metabolism, has a shrinking effect, cleanses intimate parts of microbes, heals diseases, prevents inflammation of the appendages and makes the walls of the vagina incredibly strong and elastic.

Powdered alum - serves as an excellent prevention of inflammatory processes in the vagina, neutralizes dangerous bacteria and fungi, removes toxins from tissues and soothes irritations.

Bayfan powder is a natural remedy for the operative narrowing of the vagina and ensuring the effect of virginity, helps to increase the protective functions and health of the intimate area.

Healing Thai herbs - help to contract the muscles of the vagina and provide girls with vivid sensations, have a positive effect on tissue elasticity, remove free radicals from the body and heal inflammation, stopping the development of microbes.

Pearl powder - serves as a source of youthfulness for the skin, perfectly moisturizes tissues and promotes their regeneration, protects delicate skin from destruction and improves blood circulation.

Intimate stick for women "Younger Sister Super Grip" has a slightly rough structure, so it should be used together with a small amount of lubricant for easier insertion. Sometimes during the use of the stick, itching may be felt - this is completely normal, just the antimicrobial effect of the stick has come into activity. The product is suitable for repeated use and helps to take your sex life to a whole new, amazingly enjoyable level.

Mode of application:

Moisten the end of the stick with water and insert it into the vagina, which was thoroughly washed before. Move in circular motions along the walls of the vagina for no more than 15-20 seconds. Then you will feel a contraction inside, the stick should be removed, wait until the contractions stop and repeat the procedure several more times (2 or 3) with an interval of 2 minutes. You may feel a burning sensation and discomfort in the lower abdomen, but do not worry - this is normal, as there is an antimicrobial effect and contraction of the vagina and uterus. Apply an hour and a half before intercourse.

If the discomfort persists, stop using the stick!

The stick is reusable, after use, wash and dry, put in a package and store in a dry place.

Shelf life is 6 months after first use.


  • pregnancy (or planning pregnancy);
  • monthly;
  • aggravated genital infections.

Good to know:

  • when using an intimate stick, there may be such unpleasant sensations as burning and itching, but you should not be afraid of this - a short-term manifestation of such symptoms is the norm, since the antimicrobial effect of the drug and contraction of the uterus occurs;
  • the stick can be used with a spiral and other contraceptives;
  • if you are just planning to install the spiral, then it should be remembered that the use of an intimate vaginal stick is possible only a month after the installation of the intrauterine device;
  • there may be white discharge (mucous or curdled), they will pass after menstruation. With regular use of the stick, the discharge will stop.

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