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LOLANE Natura Hair Mask for Preventing Hair Fall



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LOLANE Natura Hair Treatment for Preventing Hair Fall Peptide & Beetroot Extracts + Biotin - based on beetroot extract, which actively moisturizes, conditions, relieves skin irritation and saturates the hair and scalp with useful trace elements. Protects your hair from drying out, provides a healthy shine, effectively solves the problems of hair loss and root strengthening. Due to the fact that the product is saturated with peptides, it actively nourishes the hair and scalp, enhancing collagen production, stimulates hair growth, has an antibacterial effect, gives them a natural shine and silkiness.

The mask includes:

Natural beetroot extract - is an extremely nutritious and valuable product with powerful detoxifying properties, goes well with all types of hair, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, contains flavonoids and natural antioxidants - anthocyanins, due to which it retains moisture in the cells for a long time. Removes peeling of the scalp, stimulates the awakening of sleeping hair follicles, remarkably destroys dandruff.

The peptide complex - specially designed to solve the problem of hair loss (both in women and in men), is designed to accelerate the growth of strong hair, it fills the follicles with valuable vitamins and helps to preserve moisture in the internal structure of the hair.

Sugarcane extract - famous for its high content of glycolic acid, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and amino acids, perfectly cleanses the skin, removes age spots, gives the curls a healthy fresh look, normalizes the production of sebum, which helps to cope with dry hair and the main causes of hair loss.

Extracts of green tea, apple and lemon - restore vitality to hair, remarkably tone and remove toxins from cells, have an antioxidant effect, relieve dangerous free radicals, and make curls elastic and docile when combed.

This hair mask is ideal for damaged, too dry strands, stopping excessive hair loss and contributing to the filling of cells with nutrients and the necessary amount of moisture.

Mode of application:

Apply gently to damp, clean hair and scalp. Leave on for 10-40 minutes. Then rinse off. It can be used instead of an air conditioner. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

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