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Cosennium Fenestratum Kongka Herb 100 capsules



  • Capsules
  • 60 gram
  • 100 capsules
  • Thailand

Haam capsules (Coscinium perforatum) is a completely natural preparation consisting of crushed parts of the plant Woody yellow smooth liana (Cosenium Fenestratum, Arcangelisia flava, Kaminkrua capsule).

HAAM capsules will be useful for different groups of people:

  • aged people
  • women,
  • people with a tendency to diabetes,
  • people with cardiovascular dysfunctions,
  • mothers of newborn babies,
  • people with a tendency to obesity,
  • and everyone who cares about their health.


Cosenium Fenestratum (coscinium perforatum or woody yellow vine) 30%, Vines of Piper ribesioides Wall (woody pepper vine) 10%, Roots of Rose-colored Leadwort (pink plumbago root) 10%, Roots of Piper ribesioides Roxb. (wild betel root) 10% and other herbal active substances.

Haam capsules indications and a huge range of effects:

• Normalization of blood pressure and vascular function.
• Intensive cleaning of blood vessels, reduction of low density lipoprotein (LDL, bad cholesterol), treatment of atherosclerosis.
• Normalization of fat metabolism. Normalization of metabolism and body weight.
• Improving memory, concentration, blood circulation and the state of the vessels of the brain.
• Stabilization of the cardiovascular system.
• Significant relief of rheumatism.
• It is a strong antiparasitic and antifungal agent: helminths, candida, yeast and other fungi.
• Normalization of blood sugar levels. In Thai medicine, it is recommended for use in type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus.
• Comprehensive treatment of the pancreas.
• It is used for edema, urinary retention, flatulence.
• Restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, improvement of digestion, complex treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers and other ulcers and wounds. Treatment of chronic diseases and inflammation of the small intestine.
• Women's health and childbirth: improving milk production; reduction of inflammatory processes; microflora normalization; acceleration of postpartum recovery; delay and mitigation of menopause; normalization of hormonal levels and menstrual cycle; relieving spasms; removal of depression and irritability.
• Improving the condition of blood vessels and veins with varicose veins, relieving inflammation, reducing pain and swelling.
• Improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.
• It is an active anticancer agent and a powerful antioxidant.
• General cleansing of the body and circulatory system.
• Possesses properties that are important for many acute diseases: analgesic, antiemetic, antimicrobial, mucus-separating and expectorant, diaphoretic, diuretic.
• Strengthens health, prolongs active life and longevity, restores sex drive.
• Used as an antidote for snakebites and a remedy for fever.

Such a wide range of influences is amazing and can be distrustful. However, it is easy to explain.
HAAM does not affect the disease or even an individual organ, but the systems (circulatory, digestive, cardiovascular, neurohumoral) and processes (metabolism, blood circulation, cellular metabolism, production and interaction of hormones, the life cycle of microflora).

For example, improving blood circulation - behind such a banal, familiar formulation is the solution to a number of serious health problems. After all, blood for our body is a transport system that supplies oxygen (respiration of tissues, cell energy) and hundreds of types of nutrients to tissues. In addition, the blood removes toxins, waste products and other harmful substances.

In fact, improving blood circulation in any organ or part of the body for most dysfunctions results in a 100% improvement in the situation. And in the case of constant good blood circulation - to the independent restoration of these organs.


  • Individual intolerance.
  • Pregnancy (not investigated).
  • Children under 12 years of age (not investigated).

Mode of application:

Take 2 capsules 2 times daily before meals with warm water.

Effective course: 3 months. If it is necessary to repeat the course, take a break for two weeks.

For prevention: 1 month reception, 3 months rest, 1 month reception, 3 months rest.

During the course, it is recommended to increase the consumption of foods containing calcium: green vegetables, sesame seeds, honey.

We recommend taking it together with calcium supplements (they can also be found on sale on our website).

It is not recommended to consume alcohol and animal fats.


This product belongs to medicines!

  • Before using, be sure to consult with a specialist!
  • Start with the lowest dose!
  • Strictly follow the instructions!
  • Beware of overdose, at the slightest deterioration in health, stop taking it before consulting a specialist!

Registration No: G641/49.

Manufacturer: Thailand.

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