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A set of foot care lotion 150 ml + scrub 20 ml.



  • ISME™
  • Lotions
  • 150 ml
  • 250 gram
  • Thailand

The lotion is designed specifically against cracks in the feet. Eliminates dryness, roughness and peeling on the heels. Effectively softens the horny layer, helps to remove cracks, slows down the loss of moisture, improves skin elasticity, eliminates corns and calluses after 3-5 applications.

The set consists of 2 means:

150 ml peeling-refreshing lotion with vitamin E, a product that boasts cost effectiveness, efficiency and pleasant aroma. Penetrating into the deep layers, the active components accelerate the metabolic processes and skin renewal, fight against roughness, cracking and darkening of the skin, soften and moisturize the heels, improve the condition of nails and cuticles, refresh and even out the tone, prevent the appearance of fungus and unpleasant smell
A bag with a scrub of 20 grams, a delicate and aromatic product with milk that promotes the exfoliation of the stratum corneum. The product prepares the legs for applying lotion, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and fatigue.

Mode of application:

Place the foot in a container with lotion or put cotton pads moistened with lotion, leave for 5 minutes. Then carefully treat your feet with pumice or a grater for your feet and rinse with water. Apply moisturizing whitening milk. After 5 minutes, rinse with clean water.

Caution:  do not use if there are fresh wounds, sores, cuts on the feet.

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